Supercompensation and Lifting Heavy

Angela deadlifts a lot!

Lifting heavy is fun! And it’s especially great when you’re still in that first year of CrossFit or any lifting regiment and you’re making awesome gains – seemingly every week! But too much is not a good thing and maxing out every time you lift will come back and bite you in the ass.  Rest is key!

Lately we’ve been following something like the Wendler method which works best over a 4-week cycle.

I program these sets with our 4 basic lifts – Deadlift, Strict Press, Back/Front Squat and Bench Press – and in general we do a ‘max’ – or the 5, 3, 1+ (Week 3 sets) – every 4th or 5th week with each lift. If you’re maxing out on the 5, 5, 5+ days, you’re cheating yourself and missing out on the supercompensation!

supercompSupercompensation is a well-studied training cycle and it’s how you get better. Each person has a slightly different timing need for their recovery, which makes mass-programming tough, but a 4-week cycle has been a common method for lifting programs (just as 3 on, 1 off is for CrossFit).  Think of it like getting a good night’s sleep . If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll pretty quickly become an incoherent useless blob. You don’t want to be a useless blob, right?  So get your rest!


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