Team Throwdown May 2017

Rain City CrossFit Team Throwdown

  • What: Internal Gym Team Competition – and BBQ / potluck
  • When:   Saturday, May 20, 2017 10am til about 1 or 2pm
  • Where: Rain City CrossFit

We’ve designed 3 short, easy-to-do workouts that should test your strength, gymnastics and cardio skills but will be doable by even our newest members. You can pair up with someone you already know or we can pair you with someone. Most teams will be 1 Male, 1 Female, but we’ll allow any combination. Special Rain City t-shirts will go to the top 3 teams!

I’ll bring the grill and a few items, you bring your favorite healthy – or not healthy salad or side dish. We’ll need some chairs and at least a few small folding tables. We’ll also need a few extra people to help judge – and take pictures.

Hope you can make it!

September 2016 Throwdown – Angela and Amanda demo the Partner Wall Ball Sit up – we’ll be doing this movement this time too.

Here are the WODs:

WOD 1:  Rowing Squat Cleans

6 Rounds (ea Partner does 3 rounds) – 10:00 time cap

  • 10 Calorie Row
  • 5 Squat Cleans (Power Clean + Front Squat ok)
    • CHOOSE your weight! Score will factor in your weight

Each partner completes the row and cleans, then switch partners. Each partner chooses the weight they want to perform each round, but the set of 5 Squat Cleans must be done at the same weight. You may change weights for your partner and for each of the rounds. Reps don’t need to be touch and go.

Score: Time + weight

WOD 2: Pace Horse Partner Chipper

6 Rounds (each person runs 3 times) – 8:00 cap

  • Partner 1: AMRAP of:
    • 20 Double-Unders or 80 Singles
    • 20 Knee Raisers (K2E)
    • 20 DB Snatches – 10 ea side (35/20)
  • Partner 2:
    • 200m Run or 4 bear crawls inside if raining

Partner 2 does the run while Partner 1 begins the AMRAP, then partners switch activities. Partner 1 picks up where Partner 2 left off in AMRAP.

Score = total reps + time

WOD 3: Max Effort EMOM

EMOM in 4:00, do Max effort:

  • Min 1 – Partner Tire Flips
  • Min 2 – Partner Wall Ball Sit-ups (12 lbs)
  • Min 3 – Partner Wall Ball Shots (12 lbs)
  • Min 4 – Burpees over Partner

Partners stop work at 0:50 (clock will beep) and get to the next station to begin work at the top of the minute. Reps will only count up to the 0:50 mark.

Score 3: Total Reps


If you’d like to know more about the scoring and movement standards, see below:


Partner 1 starts with the rower on and with feet ready and handle in the holder. Hands must be on handle until rower reads 10 Calories. Athlete Cleans the bar from the ground and reaches full squat, then rises to fully upright position before dropping or lowering bar to ground. No bouncing bar off ground. Power Clean with Front Squat as separate movements is ok. Bar weight must remain the same throughout the 5 reps within a round. If you really need to reduce the weight, start over and complete all 5 reps at that reduced weight.


Time Score = 1000 – Total time (in seconds) – (20sec x clean rep not completed, 5 sec x Row calorie not completed)

Weight Score = 3 x Average of weights used for all rounds for Partner 1 x 0.68 if male – 10x any missed reps
+ Average of weights used for all rounds for Partner 2 x 0.68 if male – any missed reps.

Example 1: Finish in 6:00, Male average weights 155, Female average weights 75
Time Score = 1000 – 360 = 640
Weight Score = 155×0.68 + 75 = 190  x3 = 570;
Total = 1210

Example 2: Finish in 8:30, Male 225, Female 125
Time Score = 1000 – 510 = 490,
Weight Score = 225×0.68 + 125 = 278  x3 = 834
Total = 1324

Example 3: Didn’t finish in time – did not complete 3 sq cleans + a full round – so, 10 cal x 5 =50, 8 sq clean x 20 = 160, Male 225, Female 125
Time Score = 1000 – 600(10:00) – 210 (missed reps) = 190
Weight Score = 225×0.68 (- 30) + 125 (– 50) = 198  x3 = 594
Total = 804



A cone will be set up at the turn-around point. Partner 2 will start at the door and run around the cone and back. We’ll have one judge outside to watch all runners.

OR Bear Crawl
Partner 2 will start behind the line and will crawl on hands and feet making sure the palm of the hand is maintaining some of the body weight. They will touch the wall with some part of the body at the turn-around point.

Double-Unders / Single-Unders
The rope must pass under the athlete for the rep to count. Attempts and trips don’t count.

Knee Raisers (K2E)
The athlete starts hanging with body fully extended from the bar. Knees need to rise above the plane of the hip crease. Kipping is allowed.

Dumbbell Snatch
Dumbbell starts on the floor. Athletes lifts the dumbbell above the head in one motion ending with the body fully extended (knees, hips, arms). Between reps, some part of the dumbbell needs to touch the ground. The athlete doesn’t need to switch hands for each rep, but needs to do an equal number on both sides. Changing hands on the way down is ok.



Reps for Singles are divided by 4 and rounded down. Each round is 60 reps.

Score = (500 – Finish Time (in seconds; 480 if 8:00) _________)*2 + reps completed ______ (60 per round, run not counted)  = ______________   Judge ______________

Example: 6:12 (372)  2++5 (165)
128*2 = 256 + 165 = 421

Example: 5:45 (345)  2++ (160)
155*2 = 310 + 160 = 470

Example: 8:00 (480)  3++  (210)
20*2 = 40 + 210 = 250



Partner Tire Flips
Both Partners will lift the Tire from the same side and flip to its other side. Partners will come around to the other side to perform the next rep (though we may go outside if the weather’s nice). Tire must settle on the ground prior to performing the next rep.

Partner Wall Ball Sit-ups
Athletes will start sitting on the ground facing each other, sitting upright, knees butterflied, soles of feet together, a bumper plate separating Athletes and NO PART of either Athlete’s feet touching the bumper. The first athlete will touch their feet with the Wall Ball and then lie back, shoulders must touch ground and ball must touch ground behind Athlete’s head. Athlete 1 then sits up, touches ball to own feet again, and then tosses the ball to their partner without the ball touching the plate. The receiving partner touches the wall ball to their feet, and then completes the same movement. Abmat optional.

Partner Wall Ball Shots –
Athletes start standing next to each other facing the wall. One partner has the wall ball and starts with a proper (at or below parallel) squat, then tosses the wall ball to touch at or above the 9ft line at an angle such that their partner can catch it. Partners continue back and forth.

Burpees Over Partner
Partners start standing next to each other. To begin, both partners start the burpee by laying face down on the ground. Partner 2 stays down while Partner 1 pops up from the burpee and jumps or steps laterally over their partner and then jumps or steps back over their partner (back where they started) to complete the 1st burpee – BOTH feet must touch the ground on the far side of their partner. Then Partner 1 starts their next burpee by laying flat while Partner 2 pops up, steps over Partner 1 and back to complete the 2nd burpee. Only full reps counted.



Score = Total Reps * 8

Estimated rep range per minute :

Tire : 12 – 20 reps, WB Sit-ups : 14 – 20 reps, Wall Balls : 15 – 32, Burpees: 11 – 18

Example : 12 + 14 + 15 + 11 = 52 * 8 = 416

Example: 20 + 20 + 32 + 18 = 90 * 8 = 720


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