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I’ve heard (and at one time, believed) all the CrossFit stereotypes: It’s a bunch of testosterone-filled young people throwing barbells around, doing crazy gymnastics feats and getting hurt. Like most stereotypes, there might be a few bad eggs out there making the rest of the community look bad, but in reality its not like that at all.

In reality, when you come to a gym, you’ll find at least a few people who are in a similar place as you – REALLY! We have young, old, fit, and not-so-fit members. And at our gym in particular, we have a lot of new people right now. Our coaches LOVE teaching the new folks. It’s always fun to see people make those huge strides. Within the first few months, you make the biggest gains and will be impressed with what you can do!

Come do a FREE fundamentals workout one-on-one with the owner. These are always scheduled at a quiet time in the gym. You get a short tour, explanation of how the classes go and we answer all your questions. We run through a series of the basic CrossFit movements and assess where you’re at. You also get to do one of our Baseline workouts. These are designed around your abilities and can be modified for ANY level.  Email us at to sign-up for a time!!

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