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Join Us – January Whole Life Challenge

Whole Life Challenge – January 2018

Let’s do this!

Rain City CrossFit is having a team again for the Whole Life Challenge. This will be our 2nd WLC – the first was a fabulous learning experience and several of our friends and members adopted some great new habits about what they eat, how much water they drink and most of us even lost some weight!

As a member of our team, Rain City CrossFit’s team captain (Micki) will help you get started and check in to see how it’s going, but you’ll also have the support of the whole team!

Here’s how it works – Each day, players get points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits:

  • NUTRITION — Eat nutritious, healthy foods from your food list
  • EXERCISE — Be active 10 minutes a day
  • MOBILIZATION — Stretch for 10 minutes a day
  • SLEEP — Sleep for a duration you select, one that leaves you feeling rested
  • HYDRATION — Drink ounces of water equal to your bodyweight (in pounds) ÷ 3
  • WELL-BEING — Learn weekly practices to help you feel happier & more connected
  • REFLECTION — At the end of each day, write briefly about how the day went

Come do a FREE class with us!

No Experience? No Problem!

Even if you’ve never done CrossFit, we work with you to adjust the workout to your abilities. And our coaches LOVE teaching the new people. Come try us out for FREE!

Our free one-on-one sessions are normally scheduled  for an hour at a quiet time in the gym. You will meet with the owner and get a tour, an explanation of how the classes go and answer all your questions. We teach a series of the basic CrossFit movements and where needed, give you suggestions for improvement. You’ll then do one of our Baseline workouts. These are designed around your abilities and can be modified for ANY level.

Email us at to sign-up for a time!!

If you HAVE done CrossFit before or if you have a friend who is a member, you’re free to simply show up to any of our regular class times (check the Daily WOD  or Schedule).

Looking forward to meeting you and having your join our community!

Goal Setting and the Whole Life Challenge

Goal Setting and the Whole Life Challenge

Barak and Jay do their first competition – and get on the podium!!

It’s important to set goals! It keeps you motivated and looking ahead. It helps you COMMIT! You could keep plugging away, going to the gym and trying to eat right, but how will you know how you’re doing if you don’t measure it?

Every 3 months we create a ‘Goals Board’. I encourage each of you (and sometimes twist arms!) to write a goal on the whiteboard. It can be about getting you first pull-up or running a mile in a particular time or about losing weight – or maybe even just getting your butt to the gym each week!

Goals Board – notice all the DONE items!

Optionally, you can also participate on the Rain City CrossFit team in the Whole Life Challenge! This is a 6-week diet challenge, but also much more.  You log into the app each day to record how you did in each category – nutrition, drinking water, working out, stretching, sleep. Each week, it asks you to try a different ‘Lifestyle habit’ – go without any electronics for 10 minutes, meditate, contact someone you haven’t in a while, create a to-do list. It’s definitely a challenge, but its well worth the effort! The next challenge starts Jan 20, 2018 but they do a new one every 3 months.

If you’re new or not really sure what makes sense as your goals, I – or any of the coaches – would love to help you! In fact, we may already have some things in mind just for you.

Your goals also help me set our programming so you can achieve them – and when there’s time, coaches can work with you individually too. But it helps to know what’s important to you!


You’re working out 3-5 days a week, and starting to see some results, but you COULD be doing a better job with your nutrition. Do some research and change your eating habits – even if you feel you eat pretty well now. You have one body – treat it with respect.

Diet Choice

CrossFit says to eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. There are a TON of specific diet ideas you can consider. Below are a few ideas, but likely, over time, you will design your own diet based on how certain foods make you feel. Give it 3-4 weeks before you decide that it doesn’t work! Often it takes at least a week to get over cravings – sugar is VERY addictive, but I promise that the cravings will lessen after about a week. Then it may be another few weeks for your body to adjust to burning fats instead of those fast carbs. You might even feel bonky during workouts. If so, add some fat or just eat more for a few days.

Some great nutrition resources:

Basic Do’s & Don’ts, Meal Plans for Paleo, IIFYM, and Zone (
Paleo, Primal vs Zone Description and Tips (CrossFit Mayhem)
What Top CrossFit athletes eat on competition day (Youtube video)


This is the old school CrossFit-endorsed plan. It’s not restrictive on how much you eat, but is more restrictive about what’s ok. No dairy on this one and even some vegetables are off the menu. Here is a great website describing Paleo, what you can/can’t eat and other resources:

Whole 30 is a paleo-esc diet that’s a little more restrictive than Paleo, but can be better for those who want to try an elimination diet. An elimination diet is great if you have bloating, inflammation, headaches or other off and on symptoms. So many of these can be blamed on certain foods.

Here are some great Paleo recipes:


Not as restrictive as Paleo on the items you eat, but asks you to track the portions and especially the ratio of Protein, Carbs and Fats. Here’s a great website explaining it: Here are the key steps:

1. Calculate how many blocks you should eat daily (generally 10-14 blocks for women, 16-25 blocks for men).

2. Learn the favorable/unfavorable foods, how much equals 1 block, and some example recipes and meals. Or look up any food’s block value here.

Building Muscle

I’m still learning about this and would love to hear your opinions, but this article is in line with my current thinking:

General Supplements

CrossFit recommends Fish Oil, but here’s a great article from CrossFit Invictus (a premier gym in San Diego) that suggests a few other possibilities:

Pre- and Post-Workout Supplements

A list of some top brands:

WedMD chimes in on Protein Powders (ok in moderations, but can be harmful to kidney & liver if you’re taking too much) :