Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Part of our last Goals board. Notice most are crossed off or have been DONE!

For the same reason we keep track of our max lifts or our Fran time, it’s important to set goals! It keeps you motivated and looking ahead. It helps you COMMIT! Don’t shy away, go for it!

Every 3-6 months we’ll have a ‘Goals Board’. I’ll encourage each of you to write a goal on the whiteboard.

Levi gets his first Bar Muscle-Up! He’d been working on this for months. Nailed it!

If you’re new or not really sure what makes sense as your goals, I – or any of the coaches – would love to help you! In fact, we may already have some things in mind just for you. If you’re working on your form (ie keeping your chest up during squats), maybe a new front squat or back squat max – because you can’t go heavier until you get that chest up!

Here are the Goal guidelines –

  1. make it specific and measurable (instead of ‘do better pull-ups’, include how many and what color band)
  2. pick something challenging, but achievable
  3. set a time frame – I would suggest 3-6 months
Tyler’s getting those double-unders down! Takes a lot of practice and sometimes welts too.

Your goals will help me set our programming so you can achieve them – and when there’s time, coaches can work with you individually too. But it helps to know what’s important to you!

Lauryn’s strong already and is putting it together for the Clean & Jerk- soon to have a monster PR.

There are a lot of theories about what works best. The article below says to only set long-term goals – totally valid for some people, but not all.


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