Goal Setting

Its Goal Setting Time Again

We are starting another round of goal setting! The last round was a fabulous success. Here’s why goals are awesome:

  1. Makes you try things that you weren’t sure were possible
  2. Focuses your effort and helps you get to the gym on those harder days
  3. Helps me with programming – I always tailor things based on what I think you want to work on, but this way I know for sure!
  4. The whole gym gets behind you and is also inspired by you.
  5. Gives you a sense of accomplishment when you do it!

Make you nervous? There’s trepidation in making it public, huh? The whole gym gets to see it. But no one is judging you but you. OK, I’ll be judging you, but only from an objective point of view and because I want you to succeed. But your friends at the gym are rooting for you and unknowingly, you are becoming an inspiration. That’s the CrossFit community magic, baby!

You might have a good goal in mind already – great! Work with a coach to set a realistic, measurable goal and write it on the whiteboard. Here are some examples:

  • Kipping Pull-up with the red band
  • 300 lb Back Squat
  • 10 unbroken double-unders
  • 6:00 Fran time
  • Lose 3% body fat
  • Rehab shoulder so I don’t have pain when doing push-ups
  • Overhead Squat 95 lb with good form
  • Come to the gym at least 3x per week

Here’s the other thing to consider when setting a goal. CrossFit is about being functionally fit – in other words, being good at whatever life throws at you. So if you suck at something, make a goal around that! If you think it’d be fun to have a goal around pull-ups, but you can’t hold more than the bar in an overhead squat, your flexibility needs work! For reference, below are the 10 skills you need to be a good all-around athlete.



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