Come do a FREE class with us!

No Experience? No Problem!

Even if you’ve never done CrossFit, we work with you to adjust the workout to your abilities. And our coaches LOVE teaching the new people. Come try us out for FREE!

Our free one-on-one sessions are normally scheduled  for an hour at a quiet time in the gym. You will meet with the owner and get a tour, an explanation of how the classes go and answer all your questions. We teach a series of the basic CrossFit movements and where needed, give you suggestions for improvement. You’ll then do one of our Baseline workouts. These are designed around your abilities and can be modified for ANY level.

Email us at to sign-up for a time!!

If you HAVE done CrossFit before or if you have a friend who is a member, you’re free to simply show up to any of our regular class times (check the Daily WOD  or Schedule).

Looking forward to meeting you and having your join our community!

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