Welcome to Rain City CrossFit!

rainbow tight guysIf you’ve never done CrossFit before, you’ll be surprised once you try it.

Thoughtful Programming
Unlike a regular gym, our workouts are different every day – programmed up-front with careful thought to muscle groups, target metabolic rate, and duration with a balance of cardio, weights and gymnastics. We take into account each member and adjust the workouts accordingly.

Personalized Training Included
Your first (free) workout with us includes a one on one session where we talk about your previous experience, watch you move, give you mobility exercise suggestions and teach you a variety of body weight and weight lifting movements. During classes, direct warm ups and suggest movement modifications and the right weights for you. We watch your movements during the workout and give you pointers on-the-spot.

Would CrossFit Work for Me?
Even if you have never lifted weights or worked out, or have limited mobility, our coaches will get you started right and make modifications that can work for you!

If you workout now – even if you feel you’re in good shape – I would challenge you to try CrossFit. The combination of cardio, whole-body weights and gymnastics along with friendly competition will take you to the next level. Many pro athletes do CrossFit – reducing the time they spend on their sport-specific training and improve in their sport.

How Rain City CrossFit is Different
Our gym is small and very friendly. We focus a little more on endurance and technical skills though we do have a thoughtful weight lifting program that is incorporated into regular classes and a semi-regular Olympic lifting class as well. We give you multiple ways to track your progress – Benchmark times and Lifts are on our whiteboards and we optionally track caliper-measured body fat. We also have one of the most flexible schedules with class start times  ranging from 5am to 7pm.

Each class is one hour. We spend some time warming up, going through a skill or strength lift, do the Workout of the Day (WOD), then some of us collapse on the floor.

gym5 handstand push ups gym2

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